The site is adjacent to the primary site, which includes a number of benefits that complement both sites such as water rights, transmission right-of-ways, the ability for future expansion. And like the primary site, it also passes preliminary standards required to build a nuclear power plant, the company said.

Don Gillispie, CEO of AEHI, said: While we still have an application on what is now a tertiary site in Elmore County, Idaho, about 100 miles southeast from Payette, the Elmore County Commissioners have yet to make a decision on our application after well over a year and continue to show uncertainty in their deliberations.

“As an investor-owned company, it is vital to focus our attention and resources on better sites where residents and local governments continue to show definitive interest.”

The claims that according to a recent study, the proposed plant is expected to create around 5,000 jobs through the construction phase and more than 1,000 jobs during operations. During construction, the project should increase Idaho’s GDP by $5.3bn, while $4.8bn will flow directly through Payette County.