Advanced Refining Concepts (ARC), a developer and manufacturer of proprietary motor and industrial fuels, has been awarded a one-year contract to supply approximately one million gallons of its clean GDiesel fuel to Clark County, located in Southern Nevada.

GDiesel, designated by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection as an alternative fuel, will be used to power the county’s diesel vehicle fleet and generators.

To produce GDiesel, ARC utilizes the proprietary ClearRefining process, which allows for pollution-free and cost-effective conversion of natural gas and other biogases into ultra clean liquid motor and industrial fuels.

In December, the Clark County Commission approved the contract as part of the county’s ongoing energy conservation efforts.

Advanced Refining co-founder and director Peter Gunnerman said that the significant volumes of fuel used by county vehicles and generators during the term of the contract will be a cornerstone for the new construction of a zero emissions GDiesel refinery in Clark County during 2011.