The program, which will be executed throughout Pakistan, involves availing MFF from ADB over next eight to 10 years from 2009 to 2019 for prospective projects concerning power conservation and efficiency across all primary power consumption segments. It will also recognize and fund and supply and demand side projects for improving power efficiency.

The ADB has recommended the implementation of the program by establishing a Programme Management and Coordination Unit (PMU) to handle and organize power efficiency and conservation work amongst stakeholders given in the roadmap.

The PMU will have managerial and technical professionals. It will handle the MFF program and offer policy and planning guidance to the Planning Commission of Pakistan while the ADB will offer suitable financial and technical support for the formation and operations of the PMU under the MFF.

Pepco, PSQCA, Enercon, gas utilities, private energy intensive utilities/ industries and other related power efficiency and conservation agencies will be the execution agencies for the component for which they will issue the PC-Is to PMU for authorization of the component forum.

The initial tranche under the program is slated for execution from 2009 to 2010 with the proposed commencement date of November 2009 and projected completion date of October 2019.

The tentative project investment proposal consist of physical and non-physical elements that include $60 million that will be used for national energy savers distribution, $60 million towards retrofit of government buildings lighting, $80 million for replacement of domestic appliances, $130 million for upgrade of gas compressor and transmission, $545 million for reduction of thermal power station loss, $25 million for capacity building under the non-physical element and $250 million towards industrial power efficiency funding facility under the physical element.