Acuity Brands, a developer of energy efficient lighting and control systems, has secured a contract to provide its Holophane brand of luminaries and SiteLink pole system for a pilot outdoor LED lighting and revitalization project in Rock Falls, Illinois.

Starting with the City Hall parking lot, the city of Rock Falls’ revitalization project aims to eventually revitalize the entire downtown area through the deployment of new LED lighting, which will increase energy efficiency, improve overall quality of light and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Under this contract, Acuity will provide Holophane Esplanade 150W Utility Tear Drop LED luminaries mounted on SiteLink SL5 poles and North Yorkshire style decorative pole bases to satisfy the city’s lighting and aesthetics criteria, while saving energy.

The Tear Drop LED Series luminaires include permanent glass refractor design to provide optimized prismatic light control, feature tool-free mechanisms for ease of maintenance and installation and provide surge protection and controls compatibility to ensure long system life.

In addition Holophane brand of luminaries, the City will use photocontrols from Acuity Brands’ DTL controls brand, an integrated outdoor lighting and controls system that has been designed to save energy and reduce utility replacement costs by providing both reliability and accurate light sensing.

The main goals of the lighting component of the revitalization efforts are to utilize energy efficient to obtain high vertical illumination with no less than .5 footcandles of horizontal luminance and cutoff optics.