The hybrid facility, which has been developed for storing electricity in batteries, is part of a grid-connected wind farm in the country.

Acciona has also deployed its simulation software at the facility for better operations.

The simulation software enables the storage systems to be dimensioned and optimized in synchronization with wind farms, whether they are in the project phase or fully operational.

The company has installed a storage system at the facility, which includes two batteries in separate containers.

Fast-response 1MW/0.39 MWh power battery will maintain 1MW of power for 20 minutes, while other slower-response battery with of 0.7MW/0.7MWh will maintain 0.7MW for one hour.

Featuring Li-ion Samsung SDI technology, both batteries are connected to a 3MW capacity AW116/3000 wind turbine of Acciona Windpower (Nordex Group) technology.

The batteries will store energy generated by the wind turbine when needed.

In addition, the installation is comprised of three other units, including one for medium voltage cells and analyzers, another for inverters/chargers and transformer, and third for the control and monitoring equipment.

At the facility, grid-connected storage solutions will help to advance technology services that will improve the quality of the energy sent to the grid.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which manages the Spanish Centre for Industrial Development (CDTI), has provided funding for the project.

Image: Acciona has started the operations of first hybrid plant for storing electricity in batteries in Spain. Photo: courtesy of ACCIONA.