Water treatment services provider Acciona Agua has secured three new contracts in Catalonia, Spain.


The deals include the renewal of the operation, conservation and maintenance of the sewerage systems of the Montsià area and the Conca de Barberá area.

They also cover the wastewater treatment plants of the La Llagosta area and the wastewater pumping stations and network of drains of the River Besos Basin Consortium (CDCRB).

The Montsià contract, which will initially run for three years, is the third secured by Acciona in the area.

A high proportion of the water treated will be discharged into river beds and the total flow rate treated a year is 6,431,000 cubic meters.

The sewerage systems covered in Conca de Barberá include five wastewater treatment facilities of Montblanc, l’Espluga de Francolí, Santa Coloma de Queralt, Solivella and Senan municipalities.

It also includes the related wastewater pumping stations and drainage network of Vimbodí, Poblet and Las Masías.

The contract will initially be for four years and the total treatment capacity is for a population of 45,000.

The contract for La Llagosta area will initially run for one year and includes a wastewater treatment facility and four smaller installations – Caldes de Montbuí, Sant Quirze de Safaja, Sant Feliu de Codines and Can Canyameres.

The facility will treat an annual flow rate of 12,045,000m3, which will be returned to the river Besós.

It will feature a treatment system that includes a water line with biological treatment, a sludge line, anaerobic digestion, and cogeneration with turbines.

The remaining wastewater treatment facilities will process an expected 2,555,000m3 of wastewater per year.

Image: Acciona Agua has won three new contracts in Catalonia, Spain. Photo: Courtesy of Acciona.