Asia Clean Capital (ACC) has agreed to co-develop with Trina Solar an identified solar pipeline of more than 300MW in China over the next three years.

Under the terms of the cooperation deal, ACC will offer construction and financial support for the solar systems, while Trina Solar will provide technical support, engineering design, business consultation and other services for associated rooftops.

The locations being considered for installations are the rooftops of facilities owned by Fortune 500 foreign-funded firms.

The pipeline of solar projects is expected to reduce 9-million tons of C02, or the equivalent of 3.7-billion liters of gasoline.

The pipeline uses the success of both companies, especially ACC’s PV market expansion and financing capacity and Trina Solar’s influence in the PV industry and existing relationship with the government.

Recently, ACC announced a similar partnership with Canadian Solar for the development of 200MW solar PV projects in China.

It has also partnered with Kyocera for developing 100MW of solar PV projects in the Suzhou area of Jiangsu province.

ACC is a company based in Hong Kong with an office in Beijing, China. The company’s solar projects are typical utility scale projects ranging between 1 – 20MW.