ABB has secured an order worth $34m to supply two air-insulated switchgear substations and expand three existing substations for CHESF, a power generation and transmission utility in northeastern Brazil.

The company is responsible for the design, engineering, supply and commissioning of the substations, as part of the turnkey project.

The new Extremoz 230kV substation will be equipped with static var compensator units to facilitate the integration of renewable energy from wind farms.

The new Joao Camara 230/69kV substation will be equipped with capacitor banks to reduce electricity losses and improve the network’s power factor, an indicator of the usable power available in the grid.

ABB will also extend the existing 230kV substations Acu II, Mossoro II and Paraiso.

The company will supply other main products that include power transformers, high and medium-voltage equipment, including circuit breakers, instrument transformers, surge arresters, as well as telecommunication systems for the project.

ABB will also install substation automation systems compliant with the global IEC 61850 standard and equipped with the latest protection and control products.

The project is scheduled to be commissioned in 2012.