Swiss-based power and automation technology group ABB has introduced Terra SmartConnect (SC) – a DC charger - designed for quick charging of electric-vehicle (EV) in commercial and office areas.

ABB noted that the new Terra SC can completely charge an electric car in 30 to 120 minutes, without any human interference.

Terra SC features an outdoor-rated steel housing, a full-color, eight inch, intuitive touch-screen user interface.

In addition, the Terra SC can integrate seamlessly into existing AC charging networks, installed and used with optimal connectivity.

The Terra SC is scheduled for delivery in the Americas by the second quarter of 2013.

The CHAdeMO fast-charging standard will be supported by initial shipments of Terra SC, with SAE / Combined Charging System units being available later in 2013.

This DC charger can be used by fleet operators, parking operators, rental companies, car dealerships, shopping malls, and the EV infrastructure service providers who serve those applications