ABB has collaborated with IBM to provide artificial intelligence solutions for the customers in utilities, industry and transport and infrastructure.

Under the partnership, ABB Ability with be combined with IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) cognitive capabilities.

Initially, ABB Ability and Watson will provide two joint industry solutions to bring real-time cognitive insights to the factory floor and smart grids.

The combination of ABB’s broad domain knowledge and extended portfolio of digital solutions and IBM’s expertise in artificial intelligence, and machine learning is expected to help in providing improved services for the customers.

Watson’s artificial intelligence will allow to capture defects through real-time production images, which are captured through an ABB system. Later, the data will be analyzed by using IBM Watson IoT for manufacturing.

The partnership will provides solutions to predict supply patterns in electricity generation and demand from historical and weather data, enabling to enhance the operation and maintenance of smart grids.

Besides, it will enable utilities to determine optimal load management as well as real-time pricing by predicting consumption demand based on temperature, sunshine and wind speed.

ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer said: “This powerful combination marks truly the next level of industrial technology, moving beyond current connected systems that simply gather data, to industrial operations and machines that use data to sense, analyze, optimize and take actions that drive greater uptime, speed and yield for industrial customers.”

IBM chairman, president and CEO Ginni Rometty said: “The data generated from industrial companies' products, facilities and systems holds the promise of exponential advances in innovation, efficiency and safety.”