Swiss-based power and automation technology group ABB has won a US$63M contract for its part in a consortium to construct the Nam Theun II project in Loas.

GE Energy leads the consortium, that also includes Clemessy, in a turnkey order that was one of two electro-mechanical contracts awarded by head contractor Electricite de France (EDF), who also awarded three civil contracts.

The electro-mechanical contract will draw equipment from ABB units in Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and Thailand, including: static generator excitation systems; one 500kV substation; one 115kV substation; thirteen 90MVA single-phase transformers; two 50 MVA 3 phase transformers; a SCADA system; electrical protection systems and telecommunication systems.

GE is set to supply four 247MW Francis turbines, two 43MW Pelton turbines and generators.

The US$1.2B Nam Theun II project is designed to bring 5600GWh/yr to remote areas of Thailand and Loas and supply √Člectricit√© du Laos with 300GWh/yr.