The 1MW, 2.8MWh containerized Long Duration (LD) GSS is connected to the IHI factory located in Soma, Japan and is helping the facility manage its peak energy consumption, reducing its overall demand spikes to reduce stress on the local electric grid infrastructure.

The GSS was installed and commissioned in less than six weeks, from the delivery of the energy storage onsite to completion of testing. "This marks A123 Energy’s first deployment in Japan, and is also one of the largest behind-the-meter installations we’ve done to date," said Bud Collins, President of A123 Energy.

"Here we’ve been able to show that the GSS product line can be used for large commercial and industrial operations seeking to reduce demand charges, and not just utility-side applications like frequency regulation."

The LD GSS is designed for high energy, longer runtime operation than the HR GSS and can store large amounts of energy produced from variable energy resources like wind or solar for later consumption, or perform simple time shifting of peak demand to off-peak hours.

The LD GSS has been installed and commissioned in multiple locations worldwide, and combined with A123 Energy Solutions’ HR GSS, has reached over 110MW deployed.