350Green, a developer of electric vehicle (EV) charging station networks, has unveiled the first public retail fast charging station in the US state of California.

The fast charger is located at the Stanford Shopping Center, part of Simon Property Group, a retail real estate company.

350Green also announced plans to deploy 24 additional public fast chargers at multiple high-traffic retail locations throughout the Bay Area, for a total of 25 stations.

The company said a fast charger can fully charge an electric car in under 30 minutes.

350Green co-founder and CEO Mariana Gerzanych said fast chargers make a big impact on an electric car driver’s mobility.

"By installing this first of many fast chargers throughout the Bay Area, we are helping to make it as easy and convenient to charge your EV as going to the cash machine or gas station," Gerzanych said.

The fast charger was funded in part by a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District as part of its Spare the Air program, which also aims to make driving an electric vehicle in the Bay Area a viable option for individuals.

The installation of all 25 fast chargers is scheduled to be complete in late 2012.

The chargers are made by Efacec USA, in collaboration with the City of Palo Alto and installer John Ryan Company.