The well, MNA -28, will be drilled with the Valaris 115 rig following current well completion activities


Mubadala, Tap Oil approve drilling of additional development well at Manora project. (Credit: Mubadala Petroleum)

Tap Oil Limited (Tap or the Company) is pleased to provide updated information in relation to the ongoing Manora 2020 development drilling campaign using the Valaris 115 jack-up drilling rig.

Following commercial evaluation and technical assessment including reservoir modelling, the Operator, Mubadala Petroleum, and Tap have agreed ongoing production optimisation will be enhanced by an additional well in the highly productive 490-60 sands of the Manora’s Eastern Fault Block.

The decision follows positive initial results of the first three wells of the 2020 program which is currently under budget and ahead of schedule. Tap will make a full release on the results of the drilling program once all data is at hand and the wells have commenced production.

Details of the proposed additional development well are:

MNA-28 Development Well

MNA-28 well to be drilled from a new platform slot and is designed to add an additional drainage point in the thick oil bearing 490-60 sand in the highly productive Eastern Fault Block of the Manora Oil Field. The well is justified by reservoir simulation of the main 490-60 reservoir as it will both accelerate production and produce otherwise undrained oil between the MNA18 and MNA- 20 wells.

The well will be drilled as a deviated well to a maximum measured depth of 2,102.5 metres and be completed in the 490-60 reservoir. Gross estimated drilled and completed cost is US$3.0 million (US$0.9 million net to Tap).

The Operator’s estimated initial production rate is approximately 1,600 bopd.

Tap’s Executive Chairman, Mr Chris Newton said “The excellent performance of the Mubadala Petroleum drilling team utilising the Valaris 115 jackup drilling rig presented the opportunity with the rig already on location to accelerate the drilling of this previously scheduled 2021 development well. Acceleration is a compelling proposition from a production optimisation, cost efficiency, flexibility and economic perspective and leverages off the ongoing continuous improvement in Manora drilling cost performance.”

Source: Company Press Release