The new brand reflects the company’s ambitious growth plans focused on commercial solar and community solar and a variety of new products and services it will begin offering to better serve the market.

“Our company is focused on helping accelerate the rapid transition taking place in the energy industry to a more decentralized and cleaner approach to power generation,” said Rick Hunter, Pivot Energy CEO. “To increase our impact, we are expanding the company’s footprint by opening offices on the East and West coasts and launching a series of cloud services that will enable us to provide our customers and industry partners with some important new options.”

The company’s new platform will include a range of services and software that are aimed at serving the full commercial solar ecosystem, including retail customers, project developers, system operators, utilities, and financiers.

Pivot will be launching a series of proprietary cloud services, including a community solar customer management platform – SunCentral – and a financial transaction platform – SolTransact. SunCentral will provide a customer service solution for project owners and utilities to manage solar subscriptions as well as give its customers a seamless system to pay bills, track energy usage, access contracts, and more. SunCentral will launch in October 2018 in conjunction with a series of projects coming online in the Denver area.

In addition to cloud services, the company will also be opening offices on the East and West coasts over the next year to continue to grow operations in the community solar and commercial solar sectors. With community solar being the fastest growing segment within the solar industry, the company will be making major investments in this sector including developing projects and owning and operating community solar gardens in key markets.

“Community solar, small utility solar, and commercial rooftop solar can no longer be considered a fringe element; rather, these generating assets are developing into essential components of the overall grid, providing increased resiliency, lower costs, and other benefits. And customers are demanding solar in their communities at a very high rate, across America,” noted Hunter. “Our growth plan is based on a recognition that the market for distributed generation is on a steep upward trajectory in the U.S. We are strategically evolving to support major investments in its growth as well as the future of distributed generation across the country.”

The company will keep the Microgrid Energy name which will operate as a subsidiary of Pivot Energy, focusing on energy storage and microgrid project development and financing.

Source: Company Press Release