MEGAWatt Exhibition & Conference, organized by MEGAWatt S.r.l., will be held on May 20-21, 2025, in Milan Bergamo Exhibition Center, Italy.

This niche event focuses on Steam & Gas Turbine technologies, Power Generation & Turbomachinery industries. It aims to showcase innovations, discuss the energy transition to net zero, and promote collaboration among industry leaders.

In response to the evolving energy landscape and the pressing need for sustainable solutions, MEGAWatt aims to provide a dedicated platform for the Gas & Steam Turbine Power Generation sector. As the world moves towards Net Zero emissions, traditional Power Generation methods remain essential in ensuring the stability and reliability of electricity supplies.

This event will highlight the innovations and technological advancements that make this possible, from enhancing the efficiency of existing power plants to integrating new renewable energy sources and the use of new green fuels.

MEGAWatt is more than just an exhibition; it’s a hub for innovation and collaboration. Our goal is to bring together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to share knowledge, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and discuss the future of Gas & Steam Turbine Power Generation.

We recognize the vital role that Traditional Power Generation plays in the energy transition, this event will give voice to the industry and provide a platform for discussing how we can improve efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in our energy systems.

Through exhibitions, conference sessions, and networking opportunities, MEGAWatt fosters collaboration and drives the transition towards a more sustainable and efficient energy landscape.