Lifezone Metals has secured a licence for the Kahama multi-metal processing facility to refine metals from the company`s Kabanga nickel project located in north-west Tanzania.

Awarded by the Tanzanian government, the licence will enable the modern metals company to refine nickel, copper, and cobalt from the Tanzanian nickel project.

Located about 340km south-west of the Kabanga project, the Kahama refinery is within the special economic zone, offering certain tax and other economic benefits for the nickel project.

The Kabanga nickel project and Kahama refinery are operated by Lifezone Metals` subsidiary Tembo Nickel. The Tanzanian government has a 16% stake in the subsidiary.

According to Lifezone Metals, the application of hydromet technology will allow the Kabanga nickel project and the Kahama refinery to produce finished metals in-country.

It is expected to reduce capital and operating costs along with the costs associated with the transport of concentrate or other intermediate products.

The company also stated that the definitive feasibility study (DFS) for the Tanzanian nickel project is underway and is scheduled to be completed by the end of Q3 2024.

Lifezone Metals CEO Chris Showalter said: “The ongoing level of commitment and support that we have received from the Government of Tanzania in the advancement of our Kabanga Nickel Project is exemplary.

“With the receipt of our Kabanga Special Mining Licence, and now the Kahama Refinery Licence, we have a clear path to delivering a direct-to-metal solution and enabling the production of nickel, copper and cobalt in Tanzania and by Tanzanians.”

Last month, Lifezone Metals announced a two-phase development plan for the Kabanga project. The plan forms the base case for the nickel project`s DFS.