Landis+Gyr has been a trusted partner of Enedis for the Linky project since 2007 when work first began to upgrade all 35 million residential meters with smart meters inFrance. In line with the previous tenders and contracts to supply Linky meters and data concentrators, Landis+Gyr has now committed to supplying approximately 20% of the future volumes (with potential for further expansion) in the planned rollout of the next thirteen million Linky meters by 2023.

Enedis manages the operation, maintenance and development of the public electricity distribution network for 95% of continental France. The new contracts will also extend to include supply for SEI, the EDF subsidiary for Corsica and the French overseas departments.

More than thirteen million Linky meters have already been installed across France as part of the country’s smart grid deployment. Landis+Gyr’s state-of the-art manufacturing site in Montluçon has been key to this success. With a fully automated production line, the facility has produced significantly more Linky meters than anticipated and continues to meet high quality requirements and increasing volume demands.

Andreas Brun, Acting Head of Landis+Gyr’s EMEA region, said: “With more than 30,000 meters being installed by Enedis every day, the Linky project is a crucial but demanding step for France. Having partnered with Enedis since this work began, Landis+Gyr is delighted to continue its services as a trusted supplier. Our state-of-the-art facilities have been meeting the demand for Linky meters, all of which are produced or assembled here in France. This project is great news for energy efficiency and job creation, and we are delighted to continue supporting such an important and dynamic technology program.”

Bernard Lassus, Director of the Linky programme, added: “Thanks to Linky smart meters, Enedis meets customers’ needs in terms of simplicity and comfort, while preparingFrance for today and tomorrow’s energy challenges such as the integration of renewable energy and electric vehicles. Enedis and its industrial partners, such as Landis+Gyr, has so far rolled out around 13 million smart meters in French homes”

Source: Company Press Release