Japan Renewable Energy (JRE) announced that Tohoku Electric Power and Eneos have agreed to invest in 155MW Happo Noshiro offshore wind farm in Japan.

To be located off the coast of Noshiro City and Happo town, in Akita Prefecture, the offshore wind farm is expected to be powered by 22 wind turbines, each with an estimated capacity between 8 and 10MW.

JRE is presently conducting several studies including environmental impact assessments, while engaging with the local community and other stakeholders.

ENEOS is participating in the offshore wind power project in Akita Prefecture through the acquisition of a stake in GK Happo Noshiro Offshore Wind.

The project company was formed to seek opportunities to develop a wind power plant in the sea area offshore of Happo Town and Noshiro City in Akita Prefecture.

Akita Prefecture is considered as one of the most suitable areas for the development of offshore wind power businesses in Japan.

JRE, Tohoku Electric Power to invest onshore wind
power projects

The Happo Noshiro offshore wind farm is expected to be operational by 2024.

The partnership with Tohoku Electric Power and Eneos is expected to further enhance the offshore wind farm’s feasibility by using the companies’ respective knowledge.

JRE has also signed a joint investment agreement with Tohoku Electric Power to invest in three onshore wind farms in the Tohoku region.

The project include including JRE Tsuruoka Hachimoriyama Wind Farm, JRE Shichinohe Towada Wind Farm, JRE Oritsumedake South 1 Wind Farm, with a total capacity of 97MW.

The wind farms are expected to generate about 265 million kWh of clean energy annually, which is enough to power about 60,200 Japanese households.

The projects are expected to begin operations between 2021 and 2023.