Testing was conducted by the Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems Quality Test Center at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The large-area N-Type cell features JinkoSolar’s HOT cell design, which is based on tunnel oxide passivating contact technology. JinkoSolar’s high quality N-type wafer, selective doping technology, and advanced fine-line printing technology allow the Company to achieve 24.2% cell efficiency across its entire product chain. The world PV module power record of 387.6W for N-type half-cell module (60P) was fabricated using JinkoSolar’s HOT cell design.

N-type HOT technology is a key R&D milestone for JinkoSolar and is opening up a new path towards developing high efficiency industrial products. N-type HOT technology also demonstrates the competitiveness of JinkoSolar products when compared to current HIT and IBC technologies. JinkoSoalr is establishing a strategic global research collaboration network that is able to rapidly innovating new technologies. JinkoSolar is jointly working with several globally-respected institutions on their advanced technologies including the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore’s mono-poly technology, University of New South Wales’ advanced hydrogenation technology and The Australian National University’s passivating contact technology. By consistently upgrading its technology, JinkoSolar will provide higher efficiency and better quality products to its customers.

Source: Company Press Release