The new CAP-STK de-compresses the images and displays them on its VGA screen, utilizing JPEG de-compression and display IP, which is supplied by PGC, and mapped into FPGA that emulates CAP’s Metal Programmable block.

Michel Le Lan, Atmel’s marketing director for ASICs, said, This reference design highlights CAP’s benefits for application developers. The JPEG IP is easily mapped into the CAP(TM) Metal Programmable block, where it runs extremely efficiently, and can co-exist with other application-specific functions. The USB Device Port is just one of CAP’s many standard interfaces, enabling rapid data transfer from external sources. The CAP Starter Kit is very attractively priced, lowering the barrier to entry for customers with modest development budgets.

EJ Chiang, PGC’s sales & marketing director, said, Atmel’s CAP series provides a robust ARM(R) platform with a rich IP portfolio. PGC’s SoC team can support designers to focus on a customer’s own design on the CAP MP block, and provide a better time to market service for customers. This JPEG reference design is just to show one of the many applications targeted by the CAP series and the mature design service provided by PGC. PGC can also provide technical training to customers who have CAP Development Kits. PGC is now ready to launch a design service for customers in Greater China with Atmel’s CAP series.

Atmel Corporation (Atmel) is a US-based manufacturer of microcontrollers, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and RF components, and Progate Group Corporation (PGC).