Japanese steel producer JFE Steel has selected General Electric (GE) to upgrade a gas turbine at its Chiba power plant in Japan.

For the order, GE has agreed to deliver GT26 HE gas turbine upgrade to replace the existing GT26 MXL2 unit at the power plant.

The upgrade is part of JFE’s continued focus on modernising its aging energy infrastructure.

By opting for GE’s latest GT26 high efficiency (HE) technology, JFE intends to significantly improve Chiba power plant’s efficiency and reach new levels of performance.

With the upgrade, the output at the plant is expected to be increased by more than 10MW, with an efficiency increase of more than 1%.

Two years ago, GE modernised JFE’s GT26 gas turbine in Chiba by implementing the MXL2 gas turbine upgrade, which increased the output of the turbine by up to 60MW.

GE Gas Power Asia president and CEO Ramesh Singaram said: “We are proud to be building on the strength of our long-standing relationship with JFE to provide the most advanced technologies to power communities in Japan.

“We look forward to continuing our successful single-service provider support of JFE in meeting their gas plant as-a-system needs.”

GE introduced GT26 HE last year

Introduced last year, the GT26 HE upgrade is claimed to bring a forward leap in terms of efficiency, output and reliability. It is powered partly through GE’s flagship HA gas turbine, with additive manufactured parts across aerodynamics, material science and combustion dynamics.

According to the company, the gas turbine uses breakthrough technology across every major component in the GT26 frame, turbine, compressor and combustor, to improve performance, while decreasing fuel costs.

GE Gas Power Large Block Utility (F/H) Product Segment Head Amit Kulkarni said: “Our GT26 HE solution represents an innovative milestone in the evolution of GE’s gas power technology. By combining technologies from both F- and H-Class fleets, we are helping to improve JFE’s competitive position in the Japanese energy marketplace.

“The upgrade is GE’s first Asia order for the GT26 HE and the third since its introduction in the market some months ago. We are excited by the expected additional power and efficiency that this solution will provide for JFE, as well as the momentum and demand for the GT26 HE upgrade globally.”