Australia-based oil and gas company Invictus Energy has made a second gas discovery in the Mukuyu-2 well at its 80% owned and operated Cabora Bassa project in Zimbabwe.

Recently, Invictus made an initial gas discovery at the Mukuyu-2 well, with four hydrocarbon samples in the Upper Angwa, and two water samples from the Basal Pebbly Arkose formation.

The Mukuyu-2 well, located 6.8km northeast of the Mukuyu-1 well, was drilled using the Exalo Rig 202.

When the Mukuyu-2 sidetrack well reached a Total Depth (TD) of 3,360m above the interval, over-pressured gas was encountered in the original Mukuyu-2 wellbore.

Invictus recovered a total of 11 hydrocarbon samples to the surface from Upper and Lower Angwa reservoirs using the wireline formation testing tool.

The well was subsequently conditioned and prepared for wireline logging, and samples will be shipped for laboratory sampling to confirm the exact hydrocarbon composition.

The company acquired a limited volume of wireline logging data over the deepened hole section from 2,935m to around 3,350m measured depth (MD), before formation fluid sampling and pressure tests.

Based on the wireline log interpretation, the company estimates a preliminary net pay of 34.9m for the Mukuyu-2 well across the Upper Angwa and Lower Angwa formations.

The well also intersected significant additional gross sands within the Upper and Lower Angwa gas legs but below the current net reservoir cut-off.

The full extent of the resource size can be determined based on further appraisal activity and technical evaluation of log, core, seismic and well test data, said the oil and gas company.

Invictus Energy managing director Scott Macmillan said: “We are delighted to declare an additional gas discovery from the Mukuyu-2 sidetrack well in the Lower Angwa formation.

“The discovery of gas in both the Upper and Lower Angwa greatly expands the resource in the Mukuyu gas field and marks another significant milestone for Invictus.

“The Mukuyu-2 discoveries were drilled 7km away and 450m updip of the Mukuyu-1 discovery well which, confirms the incredible potential of the Mukuyu field, which has a structural closure of over 200km2.

“This also provides the Company with substantial running room for identifying further potential discoveries within our commanding 360,000ha acreage in the Cabora Bassa Basin.

The wireline logs suggest the Pebbly Arkose and Dande formations with residual hydrocarbons in Mukuyu-2, additional exploration potential that will be targeted in future campaigns.

Invictus will continue wireline logging operations with Exalo Rig 202, including the acquisition of additional sidewall cores and a vertical seismic profile (VSP).

The company intends to complete the sidetrack by running a 7-inch liner that allows the well to be suspended for future flow testing over this interval.

It will also provide the opportunity to re-drill, evaluate, and test the remaining portion of the Lower Angwa, below 3,400mMD, in the 6-inch hole in future operations.

Invictus will integrate the Mukuyu-2 results into the geological and geophysical datasets to inform future exploration and appraisal activity across our extensive acreage portfolio.

Macmillan added: “Our team has worked incredibly hard over this drilling campaign, and we are thankful to everyone involved in delivering not one, but two discoveries at Mukuyu-2. Our focus now turns to completing the remaining wireline logging and well suspension operations safely.

“Following the conclusion of these current operations the team will begin preparing for a new round of activities including a well test at Mukuyu-2 and further drilling of appraisal wells and/or new exploration prospects across our exciting portfolio with the Rig 202 secured for a further 2 years.”