The fleet comprises natural gas, heavy fuel oil , diesel, renewable and battery power assets.

In June 2018, INNIO signed a multiyear supply agreement with Aggreko, a global leader in mobile and modular power and temperature control solutions, to connect up to 10,000 assets to INNIO’s myPlant APM solution over the next five years. INNIO and Aggreko project teams have been working on completing all necessary development work over the past nine months.

myPlant APM is a remote digital monitoring solution that is original equipment manufacturer agnostic and can be used across a diversified range of equipment. This now provides Aggreko with a digital toolset to manage the performance of more of its fleet; with more than 100 data points being derived from each of the assets, Aggreko will be able to ensure the performance and uptime of its power plants. The project represents one of the largest INNIO myPlant solutions for reciprocating engines and generators worldwide.

In addition to supplying power to customers in remote areas, Aggreko’s response capability also allows it to respond to emergencies of all sizes. Complementing Aggreko’s capabilities, the myPlant APM solution delivers a cloud-based monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure, providing Aggreko with the ability to remotely monitor and manage performance of the connected reciprocating engine power plants. Aggreko is now able to gain the real-time intelligence needed across a larger percentage of its fleet. This creates an opportunity for Aggreko to improve asset availability, reliability and operations productivity, which in turn enables it to better serve its customers and be more competitive in the markets in which it operates.

“With the deployment of INNIO’s myPlant APM digital solution, we now have the capability to remotely monitor hundreds of thousands of sensors across our mixed fleet of power generation assets,” said Dan Ibbetson, Global Products and Technology Director of Aggreko. “myPlant is improving our capabilities by increasing performance and preventing system disruptions, helping us improve our services for our customers worldwide—ranging from backup power for numerous industries to natural disasters.”

The myPlant offering uses secure, centralized cloud storage to collect data from customers’ power generation and distribution assets, regularly transmitting sensor data streams, control alarms and operational data to improve real-time monitoring capabilities.

“Our myPlant platform provides Aggreko with a custom solution for their needs. We are excited to collaborate with Aggreko on their digital roadmaps by leveraging Aggreko’s deep domain knowledge and INNIO’s digital and data science expertise,” said Feilim Coyle, Services Leader of INNIO. “As Aggreko evolves to meet their end customer needs across a range of use cases, our myPlant digital solutions will support them in making better decisions to improve equipment uptime and operating costs.”

Source: Company Press Release.