Iberdrola, Spain’s leading utility, has put into operation its global action plan against the COVID-19 coronavirus, in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

Although no group employee has yet been diagnosed with the illness, Iberdrola has put into action 65 measures that will contribute to ensuring the operation of its business, attending to its commitment to stakeholders (customers, suppliers, shareholders and the general public), while protecting the health and safety of its workers and facilitating the reconciliation of personal and working life.

Iberdrola, as a company that provides an essential service to society, has implemented a series of measures at all its work centres (offices, transformer facilities, power plants and customer support centres). The measures are additional and specific to ensure operation as usual and continuity of service.

The company has activated teleworking systems for its corporate centre staff in affected areas, such as Spain and Italy. At the same time, national and international travel has been banned, except in exceptional circumstances, as well as meetings and training courses, except those relating to safety. Remote communication and online options have been extended.

The measures include extraordinary protocols for critical business groups and mobility and temporary relocation contingency plans for workers in essential facilities and functions in electricity generation, distribution and supply to end users.