Hyundai E&C will be responsible for the construction of the initial phase that includes the construction of 207km of transmission lines and 450 transmission towers


The 380㎸ Transmission Line Construction Project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, carried out by Hyundai E&C. (Credit: © HYUNDAI E&C)

Hyundai E&C has secured a $145m contract to build a High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Line in Saudi Arabia.

This contract pertains to the ‘Saudi Neom-Yanbu 525kV HVDC Transmission Line Construction Project,’ ordered by the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC-COA).

The Saudi Neom-Yanbu 525kV HVDC Transmission Line Construction Project aims to enhance the country’s power grid capabilities. It involves the construction of an extensive 605km-long HVDC transmission line connecting the established power generation hub of Yanbu on Saudi Arabia’s west coast to the emerging city of Neom. Hyundai E&C is tasked with executing the initial phase, encompassing the construction of 207km of transmission lines and 450 transmission towers. This segment of the project is scheduled for completion by July 2027.

HVDC transmission technology is a method that converts the power generated by a power plant from alternating current (AC) to high-voltage direct current for efficient transmission to its intended destination. Unlike AC transmission, HVDC offers reduced energy loss over long distances and can seamlessly integrate with AC systems regardless of frequency. This characteristic ensures remarkable stability and efficiency, making HVDC particularly advantageous for transmitting renewable energy sources such as solar and offshore wind power.

Since its inaugural transmission line endeavour in Saudi Arabia back in 1976, Hyundai E&C has accomplished a total of 33 transmission line projects over the course of the past five decades. When including ongoing projects like the Hail-Al-Jouf 380kV transmission line, Hyundai E&C’s contribution to the power grid infrastructure in Saudi Arabia has spanned more than 20,000km.

An official from Hyundai E&C said: “Since first entering the Saudi construction market in 1975, Hyundai E&C has reliably executed 16 large-scale projects, including the Amiral Project and the Neom Running Tunnel, on the back of Saudi government’s and the clients’ trust.

“We will contribute to the expansion of the Saudi power grid by successfully delivering the project for building HVDC transmission line, which is gaining attention as the core of the renewable energy grid industry, and further expand our presence in the field of net-zero power infrastructure.”