Honeywell announced that Venture Global LNG has selected Honeywell UOP to use a series of technologies for pretreatment of LNG at Calcasieu Pass Export Facility.


Image: Honeywell UOP will provide engineering, procurement and fabrication services for the complex. Photo courtesy of sean carpenter/

Honeywell said that Venture Global has opted for its technologies to remove various contaminants from natural gas prior to liquefaction at its Calcasieu Pass LNG export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

Honeywell UOP would provide engineering, procurement and fabrication services for the complex. Once completed, the project is capable of producing 10 million tons per annum (MTPA) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to markets in Asia, Europe and other locations.

Honeywell UOP gas processing and hydrogen business vice president and general manager Ben Owens said: “With this project, Honeywell UOP is helping Venture Global LNG build a facility that provides the lowest-cost supply of LNG by using large-scale high-performance equipment.

“By delivering this technology in modular form, we can reduce construction and installation costs compared with traditional field-constructed systems.”

The project will include Honeywell UOP Mercury Removal Unit (MRU) and three separate trains each consisting of an Acid Gas Removal Unit (AGRU) and molecular sieve dehydration unit.

The modular units together would remove water, mercury, carbon dioxide and sulfur from 1.6 billion standard cubic feet per day of natural gas, which is then liquefied and safely transported to customers on ocean-going vessels.

Honeywell said that its UOP non-regenerable adsorbents in the MRU are capable of removing even trace quantities of mercury effectively.

Other naturally occurring contaminants including hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are often referred to as acid gases, and are required to be removed from natural gas before it can be liquefied.

The natural gas is treated using amine solution in the AGRU and is dehydrated using UOP molecular sieves to remove all the water to prevent freezing in the cryogenic liquefaction process.

Venture Global LNG co-CEO Bob Pender said: “Honeywell UOP is an established leader in advanced proprietary technologies for gas pretreatment, and we’re pleased to be partnered with them on this critical project.”