Hitachi Energy has been chosen as the preferred technology provider by both SSEN Transmission and National Grid. The role will involve delivering related technologies for two high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter stations, linking the power grids of Scotland and England.

The integration of renewables demand resilient, stable, and flexible solutions. Hitachi Energy, with its extensive experience in voltage sourced converter (VSC) power electronics and cutting-edge control and protection (MACH) technologies, meets these requirements

The Eastern Green Link 2 will comprise two 525kV bipole VSC converter stations. These stations will be connected by 440km of subsea cable and 70km of underground cable, making it the longest HVDC link in the UK. The primary objective of this ambitious endeavour is to efficiently supply a total of 2,000MW of electricity, capable of powering around two million homes in the UK.

The Eastern Green Link 2 holds a crucial role in bolstering power transmission in the northern UK while facilitating the seamless integration of newly generated renewable electricity from Scotland, in alignment with the UK’s ambitious Net Zero Strategy.

The Scottish waters have the potentiality to delivery up to 11,000MW of offshore wind capacity by 2030. The HVDC transmission will play a pivotal role in transporting this vast amount of renewable power from offshore sources to the mainland and distributing it across communities throughout the country.

Hitachi Energy Grid Integration business managing director Niklas Persson said: “The UK’s Net Zero Strategy has ambitious targets which will require vast amounts of new renewable generation. Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system.

“Our pioneering HVDC technology will ensure that this electricity will reliably and efficiently get where it’s needed most.”

Hitachi Energy has entered into a collaborative partnership with BAM, a construction company specialising in sustainable buildings and infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance. Together, they will be responsible for providing the civil and installation scope for the Eastern Green Link 2 project.