Hitachi and the Changhua County Government have both agreed on the use of the port and its facilities and land.

As per this MOU, Hitachi will be based on Changhua O&M Port for its use of wind turbine operation and maintenance, which will include the Port Facilities and Land for mooring vessels, transportation and building the storehouse.

The county government will assist and provide for the necessary administrative procedures for the offshore wind far operation, maintenance and transportation.

Hitachi stated that it will contribute the expansion of renewable energy in Taiwan by combining the its maintenance technology and know-how in wind turbine generator systems it has been developing in the Japanese market.

The Changhua Offshore Wind Farm Project will be a 109.2MW project which Taiwan Power Company (TPC) plans to construct off the coast of Fangyuan township, Changhua County in Central Western Taiwan as part of its projects to expand renewable energy in the country.

As a response to Taiwan’s promotion of renewable energy and the central government’s policies, Changhua County Government had selected a 35 hectare land within Changhua Coastal Park in conducting O&M base planning for offshore wind farm, acquiring full subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

Hitachi and JDN Group had secured a contract from TPC this year, which turnkey order consortiumwith Jan De Nul Group for all work, including the manufacturing and installation of 21 of 5.2MW wind turbines along with 5 years of O&M services.

The consortium Jan De Nul and Hitachi has been conducting seabed survey and geotechnical investigation in the waters since May this year, where the wind turbines will be installed. Hitachi will begin the manufacture of the turbines from next year and early 2020.

Installation of jacket foundation will be done by Jan De Nul and towers will be installed by Hitachi in early 2020. The installation and commissioning of the wind turbines is expected to take place from the summer of 2020 and could continue till December of the same year.

The Japanese company stated that in order to take care of the operations of the offshore wind farm, it will establish a full and professional supplier chain in the country.