Record oil production requires another dozen miles of pipline to be completed by the end of the year

Henry Hill Oil Services

Henry Hill Oil completes additional 10 miles of salt water disposal pipeline connecting gathering systems in North Dakota's McKenzie County. Photo: courtesy of Henry Hill Oil Services.

Henry Hill Oil Services, a midstream partner of the Bakken formation oil industry infrastructure, announced today the completion of another 10 miles of salt water disposal pipelines connecting various gathering systems in North Dakota’s McKenzie County.

According to Henry Hill Oil’s CEO Matt Lowe, “With the record production experienced by McKenzie County this year, the need for salt water transportation and disposal has greatly increased. Henry Hill Oil Services provides crucial steps in the design, construction and operation of saltwater pipelines, gathering and disposal systems creating the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to this byproduct of oil and gas production.”

McKenzie County’s oil and gas production are setting records across the US leading to an increased need for transportation and disposal of the production byproduct – saltwater. Aside from the 10 miles of pipeline already established this year, new ongoing pipeline gathering system projects are expected to continue to 2023. Henry Hill Oil’s salt water disposal solutions are designed with unique design features including our Class II salt water disposal wells with efficient gathering systems, which are managed with our state of the art SCADA software. Consistently, Henry Hill Oil reduces the cost of salt water disposal by reducing the wear on well pads and reducing the cost of transportation and disposal. Henry Hill Oil helps position our partners to handle their salt water disposal needs for the foreseeable future.

Source: Company Press Release