US-based midstream services provider Harvest Midstream company, a subsidiary of Hilcorp Energy Company has started the construction of the Ingleside Pipeline and the Harvest Midway Terminal in Ingleside city, Texas.

The Ingleside Pipeline is a 38.6km, 24inch new oil pipeline that will start from the Harvest Midway Terminal and will be connected to multiple oil export terminals in the Ingleside city as well as multiple terminals in the Midway and Taft area.

The new pipeline will also connect to Flint Hills Resources Ingleside Terminal and the South Texas Gateway Terminal which are being developed by Buckeye Partners.

The final capacity of the Ingleside Pipeline will be 600,000 barrels per day (bpd), with up to 380,000 bpd coming from the existing Harvest Eagle Ford Pipeline Systems.

Harvest Midstream Company CEO Jason Rebrook said: “Harvest has a strong history of expanding and improving our infrastructure to ensure access to safe and reliable transportation for our customers.

“This investment is an exciting opportunity for growth that will allow us to better serve our Eagle Ford customers in the Corpus Christi and Ingleside markets.”

Harvest Midway Terminal will have 10 million barrels storage capacity

Covering an area of 160 acres, the Harvest Midway Terminal is planned to have a storage capacity of more than 10 million barrels.

Initially, the terminal will include 200,000 crude oil storage barrels, as well as 25,000 barrels per hour measurement and pumping infrastructure capable.

Harvest Midstream Company president Sean Kolassa said: “The Harvest Midway Terminal is a great addition to our existing infrastructure in the Eagle Ford, providing additional storage, connectivity, and points of delivery for our customers.

“We look forward to providing the best service to our customers as we continue to expand our operations.”

The Ingleside Pipeline is expected to be operational at the end of the first quarter of 2020 while the Harvest Midway Terminal is expected to begin service at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2020.