Halliburton and and Accenture announced they have teamed to accelerate Halliburton’s digital supply chain transformation and support digitalization within the Company’s manufacturing function.

Beginning in 2021, Halliburton will launch a new global hub-and-spoke supply chain and manufacturing service model supported by new technologies. This new delivery platform will apply advanced analytics and enhanced business intelligence tools for its support teams to improve service levels and unlock operational benefits.

This transformation further supports Halliburton’s strategic priority to accelerate digital deployment and integration across the value chain, driving better service for its customers and returns for its shareholders.

Accenture will work with Halliburton to:

Create real-time supply chain visibility and actionable insights using artificial intelligence and analytics, enabling greater transparency and faster decision-making;

Accelerate the deployment of new, scalable technology that automates procurement processes, enables touchless invoicing and improves data accuracy;

Improve process efficiencies and increase productivity, enabling more focus on strategic activities and the ability to scale at lower incremental cost.

“This transformation allows Halliburton to improve service levels and business outcomes by optimizing our investments across supply chain and manufacturing infrastructure,” said Lawrence Pope, Halliburton executive vice president of Administration and chief Human Resources officer.

Accenture will leverage its SynOps platform to accelerate Halliburton’s digital transformation across its supply chain and manufacturing functions. Accenture will augment its unique capabilities with Halliburton’s existing technologies to provide teams with more advanced tools to do their work, enhancing real-time decision-making and actionable insights across supplier performance, demand planning, logistics and inventory management.

“Halliburton’s strong digital foundation is critical to making its supply chain and manufacturing functions more responsive, resilient and able to adapt to changing market needs,” said Manish Sharma, group chief executive of Accenture Operations. “We are proud to help Halliburton accelerate this transformational change to better position it for the future.”