Italian renewable energy company GreenIT and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) have agreed to develop three floating offshore wind projects in Latium and Sardinia.

GreenIT is a joint venture between Eni Plenitude and CDP Equity, focused on the development, construction, and management of renewable energy generation plants.

The new floating offshore wind plants will be commissioned around 30km from the coast and have an overall capacity of about 2GW.

The first wind farm will be developed in Latium, off the coast of Civitavecchia, and will have a total capacity of up to 540MW.

The two other wind farms will be located off the coast of Olbia, Sardinia, with around 500MW and 1,000MW each.

GreenIT said that the three projects will jointly produce around 5TWh/year with commercial operation expected between 2028 and 2031.

The plants will enter operations subject to the authorisation process and construction phase completion.

GreenIT said that its offshore wind portfolio in Italy will reach almost 3GW with a yearly production of around 7TWh of renewable energy.

It is adequate to address the consumption of around 2.5 million households and contribute to the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan for 2030.

The three offshore projects will feature floating foundations and leverage advanced technical solutions to minimise environmental and visual impact.

The projects will benefit from technological and logistic synergies with the other offshore wind initiatives managed within the same partnership.

GreenIT will develop the wind farms in collaboration with Copenhagen Offshore Partners, the offshore wind development unit of CIP, and Italian companies, NiceTechnology and 7 Seas Wind Power.

The Italian companies have previously collaborated with GreenIT and CIP to deploy two other wind farms in Sicily and Sardinia.

The agreement will strengthen the floating offshore wind industry in Italy, significantly contribute towards a low carbon future, and encourage the development of the local supply chain, said CIP.