The operational restart has begun in a secure, orderly and efficient manner, with the primary focus on safety


Gold Resource to restart Oaxaca Mining Unit. (Credit: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay)

Gold Resource has received written government approval to restart its Oaxaca Mining Unit (OMU) operations in Mexico. After nearly eight weeks of government-mandated shutdown, the Company has begun to restart its operations for the gradual ramp up of production while focusing on workforce, contractor and community safety as the global pandemic continues.  Gold Resource Corporation is a gold and silver producer, developer and explorer with operations in Oaxaca, Mexico and Nevada, USA.  The Company has returned $114 million to its shareholders in consecutive monthly dividends since July 2010 and offers its shareholders the option to convert their cash dividends into physical gold and silver and take delivery.

The Company originally suspended OMU operations on April 1, 2020 after the Mexican Ministry of Health proclaimed a national health emergency closing all “non-essential” public and private sector businesses to mitigate the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus.  In mid-May, the Mexican government designated mining as an essential activity and offered the potential for mining companies to restart operations prior to June 1, 2020 if companies submitted an acceptable restart safety protocol.  After reviewing Gold Resource Corporation’s safety protocol documentation, the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMMS) approved in writing the restart of the Company’s OMU operations on May 25, 2020.

The Company is not currently aware of any COVID-19 cases at its operations and will continue to train, promote, and utilize protective measures for workers and neighboring communities, including screening, physical distancing, deep cleaning, and avoiding exposure for at-risk individuals.  The operational restart has begun in a secure, orderly and efficient manner, with the primary focus on safety.  The Company is pleased to be back at work providing a strong economic impact and benefit to the local communities, the state of Oaxaca and the country of Mexico.  The ability to be back at work will help counter the economic devastation caused by the pandemic and associated wide-spread business suspensions imposed by the Mexican Government.

Source: Company Press Release