GE Vernova’s Digital division has acquired Greenbird Integration Technology, a prominent player in the realm of data integration platforms with a specialisation in utilities. The financial details of this acquisition have not been publicly disclosed.

This strategic move underlines GE Vernova’s dedicated effort to allocate resources towards technological advancements and skilled personnel that can expedite the growth of eco-friendly energy grids. The acquisition will play a pivotal role in enhancing GridOS, a groundbreaking software suite tailored exclusively for orchestrating grid operations. The inclusion of Greenbird’s expertise will introduce fresh capacities for seamless system connectivity and comprehensive data integration on a larger scale across the grid infrastructure.

GE Vernova Digital business CEO Scott Reese said: “Utilities have an urgent need to connect data from multiple sources to gain visibility and effectively automate their grid operations. Fragmented data is a major obstacle to modernising the grid and is holding the energy transition back.

“The Greenbird acquisition brings the proven ability to connect multiple data sources and accelerates our vision for GridOS that is making energy security a reality for many of the world’s leading utilities. Data and AI are key to helping utilities run a reliable and resilient grid and this acquisition is a massive accelerant to making that vision a reality for utilities of all sizes.”

The GridOS orchestration software platform, combined with its application suite, serves as a robust solution for ensuring secure and dependable grid operations, all while providing the resilience and adaptability that global utilities demand. GridOS achieves these objectives by collaborating with cloud service providers and system integrator partners, forming an ecosystem that accelerates the modernisation of grids and facilitates the transition towards sustainable energy sources.

The software suite employs a federated data fabric approach, seamlessly amalgamating energy data, network modelling, and AI-powered analytics sourced from various points across the grid. The recent acquisition of Greenbird further amplifies the potential of this data fabric, eradicating data silos to create a streamlined environment for quicker and smoother connection and aggregation of energy-related data. This, in turn, reduces the time and financial resources typically associated with data integration projects.

Moreover, the enhanced data fabric also establishes stronger links between contemporary software solutions such as the Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS), Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS), and Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS).

Greenbird Integration Technology CEO Thorsten Heller said: “We started in 2010 with a mission to simplify data integration for utilities, helping them leverage data to run smarter, more efficient analytics-driven services to accelerate the energy transition.

“Our technology platform is purpose-built to support a distributed data and IT architecture and aligns perfectly with GE Vernova’s vision for the GridOS federated grid data fabric and one network model, providing the data foundation utilities need to transform their operations.”

A clear example highlighting the necessity for more comprehensive data connectivity and integration is evident in the projected exponential growth of electric vehicles (EVs). It’s estimated that by 2025, there will be approximately 77 million EVs on the roads, a number that’s anticipated to reach 229 million by 2030. These EVs will not only draw power from the grid but also hold the potential to contribute back as ‘rolling batteries’, capable of providing energy during peak demand periods or when supply is scarce.

Data integration proves equally indispensable in tackling the challenges associated with connecting renewable energy sources. With a substantial capacity of around 1,350GW of sustainable power awaiting construction and grid connection, the current backlog presents a situation where significant capacity and investment remain untapped. Implementing scenario planning and grid simulations offers a promising avenue to boost line capacity, deepen insights into the effects of these assets on the grid, and expedite the integration of this capacity.

The Greenbird integration platform operates on a service-based model, specifically an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). It is constructed with containerisation techniques and a comprehensive suite of cloud services. These technological foundations play a crucial role in accelerating the deployment and accessibility of essential components within the GridOS framework.

As a significant aspect of this acquisition, GE Vernova also welcomes aboard the innovative team from Greenbird including data specialists.