Australian oil and gas explorer Galilee Energy has secured Savanna Rig 406 to drill three exploration coreholes at the Kumbarilla project, in April 2020.

The Kumbarilla project is located in ATP 2043, a 384km2 exploration drilling prospect, owned and operated by the company, in the Surat and Bowen Basins.

Kumbarilla is said to have dual prospectivity within the Walloon Subgroup coal seam gas (CSG) fairway and the oil and gas prone eastern flank of the Taroom Trough.

Galilee managing director Peter Lansom said: “Kumbarilla is a key project in the company’s portfolio and I’m pleased to have secured Savanna Rig 406 to perform the initial exploration drilling.

“Kumbarilla possesses both high-quality coal seam gas prospectivity in the Walloons and outstanding strategic value due to its proximity to market. The fast-tracking of this drilling programme by more than a year also provides Galilee with an excellent opportunity to realise our strategy of expediting commercial gas reserves to the east coast.”

Kumbarilla drilling programme will determine resource volume and potential for production

Galilee said that the three exploration wells planned to be drilled at the Kumbarilla project, are part of the initial exploration programme.

The drilling programme is intended to capture a full suite of coal and subsurface properties of the Walloon Subgroup, to determine the coal seam gas prospectivity in the area, for future reserves and production.

The company said that all three wells would be positioned within the interpreted coal seam gas sweetspot and be fully cored across the 300m thick, coal-bearing section of the Walloons.

The testing program will be conducted to determine the resource volume and potential for commercial production, and the drilling programme is expected to be completed within 3 to 4 weeks.

In addition, the company intends to use the results of the initial drilling to define further exploration drilling across the Kumbarilla and carry out a production pilot for maturing the certified 2C resources to reserves status of the project.

Furthermore, Galilee is planning to drill a vertical monitoring well at the Glenaras multi-lateral pilot, as an extension to the drilling programme using Savanna Rig 406, before or after drilling Kumbarilla wells.