FYI Resources and Alcoa Australia are set to carry out an extended high purity alumina (HPA) pilot plant trial in Australia.

Both firms will begin the extended HPA trial production run at FYI’s pilot plant facility located in Welshpool, Western Australia.

Set to begin on 16 November 2021, the production run is expected to have an extended operating time of two weeks.

It will be followed by a one-week operational assessment period and a second two weeks of operations.

To support the development and commercialisation of FYI’s process for refining quality HPA, the pilot plant programme is in line with the joint HPA project development between FYI and Alcoa to develop and commercialise FYI’s process for refining high-quality HPA.

The extended pilot plant trial will support the HPA process flowsheet development by exhibiting operating efficiencies and process refinement details drawn from the continuous enhancement programme from prior trials.

HPA produced as a result of the extended pilot run will be used for further detailed product evaluation by potential customers and offtake parties.

Leveraging its fully integrated alternative refining process, FYI aims to achieve environmentally sustainable production of HPA.

Also, the company aims to use information gathered from the extended pilot plant operations as source data for ESG linked computations, carbon emission reduction and waste characterisation studies to use in commercial recycling purposes.