Fortum and Uniper Sweden have signed an agreement on a dismantling project at Oskarshamn and Barsebäck nuclear power plants in Sweden. Fortum was awarded the agreement in a competitive bidding process.

Uniper is performing large scale decommissioning of four nuclear units in one common programme. The now awarded dismantling project includes dismantling of the turbine auxiliary systems, feed water systems and moisture separator reheaters. The work will be carried out at two power plants and altogether four units in Sweden: Oskarshamn units 1 and 2, and Barsebäck units 1 and 2. The duration of the agreement is about one year, and the work is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2021.

“Our expertise in conventional dismantling technologies and methods coupled with 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry, enable us to provide responsible, cost-efficient and reliable solutions and services for nuclear decommissioning projects,” says Head of Decommissioning and Waste Anni Jaarinen.

Nuclear decommissioning is a growing business and Fortum has now been awarded contracts both in Sweden and Finland.

“This is the first nuclear dismantling project for us in Sweden and we are excited to contribute to the decommissioning of Oskarshamn and Barsebäck nuclear power plants and look forward to the cooperation with Uniper Sweden,” Project Manager Sergey Ilyukhin continues.