Field Squared is the industry's first unified Field Service Automation Platform


Field Squared signs new client Schlachter Oil. (Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay.)

Field Squared, Inc.TM, the industry’s first Field Service Automation Platform, today announced that Schlachter Oil chose Field Squared’s platform to improve, streamline and digitally transform its well site operations.

“We came to Field Squared as part of our digital transformation initiative at Schlachter Oil. We were looking for a solution that could replace the manual, disjointed processes across our well site operations and asset management,” said Rodney Moore, Chief Operating Officer at Schlachter Oil. “Field Squared exceeded our expectations of what could be accomplished, allowing us to manage everything within their all-in-one software in the cloud.”

Schlachter Oil required a field service solution that enabled production and injection reporting and scheduling along with work order management and the ability to easily manage their entire catalog of assets. Field Squared offered that and more, including the capability to visually view assets on Field Squared’s native map to know if a well site is up or down—essentially providing a live production map. Schlachter will leverage the information to derive analytics thereby increasing productivity from a production and personnel standpoint. Field Squared’s flexibility to configure to Schlachter’s business requirements made it the obvious choice.

“Schlachter Oil is a forward-looking company that sees the value in digital transformation of its field operations,” said Christopher James Camut, Director, President and CEO of Field Squared. “We are thrilled to add them to our list of customers, and we can’t wait to be a part of their growth story. This is just the beginning.”Field Squared Signs New Client Schlachter Oil

Source: Company Press Release