ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing and Albemarle announced today a transformative hydroprocessing suite of catalyst and service solutions for the refining industry called the Galexia™ platform. The platform enables an improved way of doing business, ensuring customer demands are better addressed at every stage throughout the value chain.

“Refiners demand not only superior products, but greater opportunities to create value and optimize their operations,” said Dan Moore, president of ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC. “With a unique, comprehensive solutions suite in the Galexia platform, we are focused on enabling our customers to achieve greater levels of productivity amid an increasingly competitive environment.”

Uniquely leveraging the technical experience, refinery operating know-how and successful track record of both companies, users are given access to state-of-the-art hydroprocessing catalysts and our vast experience in catalyst load optimization. The Galexia platform goes beyond traditional product offerings to help refiners optimize performance and efficiency by analyzing operations and identifying opportunities to extract additional value across the plant.

“The Galexia platform will generate great value as we are combining complementary strengths in years of catalyst development and application knowledge with unique refinery operation experience,” said Raphael Crawford, president of Albemarle Catalysts. “We are ready to collaborate with our customers to take advantage of the full potential of catalyst activity.”

The collaboration between ExxonMobil and Albemarle builds on and strengthens their long-term relationship in specialty hydroprocessing. As a result, customers will benefit from access to combined pretreat and dewaxing solutions through a single partner that provides both refinery owner/operator and catalyst experience.

Together, the two companies developed and commercialized the Celestia and Nebula catalysts, which enhance performance and profit margins of both hydrocrackers and distillate hydrotreating units around the world. Albemarle’s STAX® technology can optimize combinations of Nebula, Celestia and MIDW™ catalysts, demonstrating unparalleled performance under the most challenging process conditions – unlocking value beyond the hydrotreating unit made possible with ExxonMobil’s operating knowledge.