Ericsson has joined forces with Ooredoo Qatar to provide and implement a 4G network tailored for the needs of the latter’s oil and gas enterprise clients. The deployment of this network will extend offshore, facilitating the connection between the facilities of the oil and gas enterprise customers and the incoming ships.

In its role as the radio access network (RAN) supplier for Ooredoo Qatar, Ericsson will collaborate closely with the service provider to bolster the infrastructure of the network and ensure reliable offshore connectivity. Utilising Ericsson Radio System equipment, the partners will establish a robust connection offshore, linking the facilities of the oil and gas enterprise customers with the arriving ships. Additionally, this solution will cater to the connectivity needs of commercial users in the specified area served by Ooredoo Qatar.

In order to address the rigorous and intricate operational challenges inherent in offshore oil and gas environments, Ericsson is in the process of developing a dedicated enclosure for its radio equipment, designed to meet ATmosphere EXplosible (ATEX) Zone 2 certification standards. This initiative is aimed at guaranteeing that the equipment not only withstands the demanding working conditions of the oil and gas offshore industry but also adheres to the stringent safety requirements. Despite these challenges, the goal is to maintain a high level of reliability in network performance and connectivity.

Ooredoo Qatar chief business officer Thani Al Malki said: “Ooredoo Qatar is committed to providing our enterprise customers with the best possible connectivity solutions. Our collaboration with Ericsson on this project allows us to leverage our extensive network infrastructure, modernised with Ericsson’s technology and expertise as our RAN supplier, to provide our oil and gas enterprise customers with a cutting-edge offshore 4G network. We are proud to be a part of this innovative project and look forward to its successful implementation.”

The proof of concept (PoC) for this solution has successfully undergone deployment at one site, and there are comprehensive plans for its major execution in the near future. This undertaking stands out as a distinctive use case within the oil and gas industry, showcasing the efficacy of collaboration with communication service providers (CSPs). Such partnerships prove instrumental in delivering customised solutions that precisely meet the needs of enterprise customers in this sector.