Equinor Wind US announced deployment of a cutting-edge, specialized buoy designed to gather information, an important step in the development of its offshore wind lease site in the “New York Bight,” which will provide wind energy to New York and the region to help achieve the renewable energy goals recently set forth by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

11Feb - Eqionor

Image: Equinor Wind US announced deployment of specialized buoy at its offshore wind lease site. Photo: Courtesy of Matthew_T_Rader on Unsplash.

The Floating LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) device will measure wind speed, wind direction, wave conditions and several other marine characteristics that help inform critical decisions in regard to the resource potential and eventual development of the wind farm. It will be deployed to record this information for two years.

“The deployment of this specialized buoy marks another step forward in the multi-year process of bringing a reliable source of renewable energy to the New York / New Jersey area,” Christer af Geijerstam, President, Equinor Wind US, said. “Offshore wind power today is made possible by a host of innovative technologies, from larger and more efficient turbines to sophisticated LiDAR systems like this that enable us to gauge invaluable information about the characteristics of this offshore lease area.”

“The FLiDAR itself is an example of renewable energy innovation,” af Geijerstam said. “The floating system, using solar panels, wind turbines and large batteries in its hull, can operate autonomously throughout a full winter season offshore New York. Access to good quality wind recordings like those provided by the FLiDAR system is essential to the development of any wind energy project today. It’s yet another example of the technological innovation that Equinor is bringing to offshore wind development in New York.”

Source: Company Press Release.