The energy storage system to be installed by Eos is expected to enable Motor Oil to optimise their onsite generation


The energy storage project is expected to reduce the overall costs of charging from the grid. (Credit: Pixabay /SatyaPrem)

Eos Energy Storage (Eos) has secured an order to manufacture, design, and deliver a 1MW /MWh behind the meter (BTM) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Motor Oil’s Corinth Refinery in Athens, Greece

To deliver the full AC integrated system, the company has parntered with Ingeteam for its INGECON Bseries Inverter + Miniskid MV solution and INGECON EMS Plant Controller.

The energy storage project is expected to result in reducing the overall costs of charging from the grid, shaving peak demand, and optimising the grid resiliency of Corinth Refinery.

Znyth storage system is Eos’s patented energy storage system

The patented Znyth storage system will be planned, designed, and commissioned by Eos for the project.

Ingeteam Business Development Energy Storage director Maria Santa Maria said: “At Ingeteam, we are proud to supply the power conversion and control system for this opportunity.

“Up until recently, most storage systems were aiming to fulfill a particular grid code requirement, basing their principal functionalities in power services for grid support.

“Working with Motor Oil’s refinery and Eos’ battery technology marks a new milestone in energy storage, launching a new segment of applications designed for longer duration energy.

“Furthermore, its sustainable and environmentally friendly product has earned Eos the trust of a very emblematic and safety exigent project. At Ingeteam, we look forward to bringing the best technological partnership and support for success.”

The project will allow Motor Oil to optimise their onsite generation without concerns over flammability or thermal runaway, Eos said.

The energy storage system delivered by Eos is expected to provide complete depth of discharge, flexible charge/discharge capabilities with zero impact to degradation, minimal auxiliary power requirements, and over 15 year life.

In 2018, Eos Energy Storage secured a strategic investment from and manufacturing partnership with Holtec International.