Element 1 Corp (e1), a developer of hydrogen generation technology, today announced it has signed a technology license agreement for its S-Series Hydrogen Generator with China based Dezhou New Kinetic Energy (“DNK”).


Image: Element 1 Corp signs technology license agreement with DNK. Photo: Courtesy of Element 1 Corp.

Under the agreement, e1 will provide a license to its industry-leading hydrogen generation technology as well as engineering consulting services to advance future versions of DNK’s fuel cell power systems.

DNK is located in Shandong China and is focused on producing mobile and stationary fuel cell power solutions. The initial focus will be providing emergency mobile back-up power to municipalities performing road and utility repairs. Other near-term markets include providing power for data centers, medical facilities, and schools.

“e1’s S-Series hydrogen generator is ideally suited to provide hydrogen for mobile power solutions,” said Dave Edlund, e1’s Chief Executive Officer. He continued, “The S-Series is very quiet with a small footprint. More importantly, it processes a liquid methanol and water feedstock that has more than four times the hydrogen density compared to compressed hydrogen, allowing for very long run-times while producing clean emissions. We look forward to our collaboration with DNK on these mobile power products.”

Mr. Ding Zhang, DNK’s Chairman stated, “We have prior experience in hydrogen generation technology but found e1 technology is superior to all others in the market in terms of reliability and economics. We are excited to partner with e1 and get access to their industry-leading hydrogen generation technology for our mobile power solution.”

Source: Company Press Release