EGCO has completed the acquisition of stake in Yunlin Holding, which owns the 640MW offshore wind project


The Yunlin offshore wind project will be constructed in phases. (Credit: Unsplash/Uwe Jelting)

Thailand-based independent power producer, Electricity Generating Public Company (EGCO Group) has completed the acquisition of 25% stake in Yunlin Holding, the owner of the 640MW Yunlin offshore wind project in Taiwan.

Yunlin owns 100% stake of Yunneng Wind Power of Taiwan, a project company that is responsible for the construction of  the Yunlin offshore wind farm.

The wind farm will be located in the Taiwan Strait about 8km west of the coast of Yunlin County in Taiwan and covers an area of around 90km².

EGCO Group acting president and strategy & asset management senior executive vice president Gumpanart Bumroonggit said: “Greenwing Energy B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of EGCO, successfully completed the acquisition of a 25% ownership interest in Yunlin Holding GmbH (“Yunlin”) from Taiwan Offshore Holding GmbH on April 17, 2020.”

Yunlin wind farm to be completed in phases

The Yunlin offshore wind project will be constructed in phases, with 352MW capacity coming online under the first phase, which  is planned to be completed in the fourth quarter of the year.

The second phase will include 288MW which is planned to be completed in the third quarter of next year.

Gumpanart added: “Amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, EGCO Group has continually and efficiently operated its business, following the implementation of our Business Continuity Plan. This is to ensure our operation throughout the supply chain without any interruption.

“In the meantime, EGCO Group’s 28 operating power plants in domestic and overseas are still in operation to deliver reliable electricity to all people.”

The wind project will be equipped with 80 units SG 8.0-167 DD offshore wind turbines from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE).

The project will provide clean electricity to more than 450,000 Taiwanese household and will offset 916,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.