The Sandrini Solar Park, which is located near Bakersfield, is expected to come online in 2022

Sandrini solar park

Image: EDP Renewables and Shell Energy North America have executed long-term agreement for a 200MW solar project in California. Photo: courtesy of andreas160578/Pixabay.

EDP Renewables (EDPR), through its unit EDP Renewables North America, and Shell Energy North America (SENA), have signed a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for 200MW solar project in California, US.

The Sandrini Solar Park, which is located near Bakersfield, is expected to come online in 2022.

An investment of over $200m will be made in the solar facility, which will produce enough electricity to power 91,000 California households.

EDP Renewables North America CEO Miguel Prado said: “EDP Renewables is pleased to work together with Shell Energy North America to reduce carbon emissions and implement new utility-scale renewable energy solutions.

“Sandrini Solar Park represents EDPR’s continued interest in investing in California – the state that is leading the nation in installed solar capacity as well as in its charge toward obtaining 100 percent of its energy from zero-carbon sources.”

The solar project is also expected to offer economic benefits to the locals through payments to regional landowners and governments, job opportunities during construction and operations, and an increase in money spent at local businesses in the vicinity of the solar park.

Sandrini Solar Park will save approximately 353 million gallons a year

The solar facility will also save nearly 353 million gallons of water annually.

Shell Energy North America president Glenn Wright said: “We are proud to enable the development of the Sandrini Solar Park.

“This opportunity will increase the supply of renewable power in California while simultaneously reducing Shell’s carbon footprint.

“We recognize that customers and communities are demanding a shift in the way power is generated and we are adapting to the demand for more clean energy solutions.”

Additionally, SENA will acquire 100% of the environmental attributes, including the renewable energy credits and capacity associated with the solar facility.

EDPR’s operational footprint in California includes two phases of the Lone Valley Solar Park in San Bernardino County and three phases of the Rising Tree Wind Farm in Kern County, providing enough electricity to power over 101,000 California households.

EDPR North America will also build the Sonrisa Solar Park, which will consist of 200MW of solar capacity and 40MW of storage capacity, in Fresno County in 2022.