Last week, Eagle LNG Partners LLC (“Eagle LNG”) took delivery of its first LNG carrier, the Coral Favia, from Anthony Veder. The 10,000 cubic meter LNG supply vessel is the first of a planned fleet from Eagle LNG offering LNG supply and bunker services for the Caribbean basin. The arrival of the LNG supply vessel marks the beginning of a partnership between two long-time pioneers in the small-scale LNG bunkering and export industry. For nearly a decade, Eagle LNG has been producing, storing, bunkering, and exporting LNG utilizing its assets including its Jacksonville, Florida facilities into the Caribbean and other countries. Anthony Veder owns modern gas carriers that it operates worldwide, while specializing in small- to mid-scale LNG carriers for transporting and bunkering LNG.

“Eagle LNG has the highest regard for Anthony Veder’s success in bringing LNG as an economic and sustainable marine fuel around the globe. Since 2014, our interests in LNG transportation and bunkering have aligned,” said Simon Duncan, Vice President Marine Operations, Eagle LNG. “We are proud of this opportunity to expand Eagle LNG’s logistics and supply-chain with a likeminded partner.”

“Anthony Veder has watched Eagle LNG’s accomplishments with great interest over the past few years and looks forward to bringing our innovations and LNG shipping knowledge for further growth in the Caribbean and other markets,” reported Anthony Veder’s CEO, Jan Valkier. “Both our companies are committed to safe operations; we are particularly proud that Coral Favia has found its home port with Eagle LNG.”

“After nearly a decade of pioneering small-scale LNG solutions including pipe-to-ship LNG bunkering, Eagle LNG is excited for this next logical step in expanding its LNG supply solutions portfolio,” reports Sean Lalani, President, Eagle LNG. “Having multiple new projects coming on-stream in the next several months, Eagle LNG is poised for exponential growth and the addition of this new LNG supply and bunkering capability enhances Eagle LNG’s core value proposition of an assured, secure supply chain bringing cost savings and energy transition solutions to our customers.”

The partnership between Eagle LNG and Anthony Veder will allow for flexibility in ownership, chartering, and operation of the various LNG assets as the LNG bunker market develops.