The Botswana Diamonds ("BOD"), associate Vutomi (BOD 40%), received permission on 7th June 2019 to sell diamonds recovered during bulk sampling at their Thorny River project. Up to Monday 10th June, 256 carats of rough diamonds had been recovered.


Image: Diamonds recovered from Thorny River Bulk Sampling. Photo: courtesy of zombie cygig/Pixabay

The sale of diamonds from bulk sampling will enable funding of further development by Vutomi.

·    Bulk sampling site being worked.

·    Consent received for the sale of diamonds.

·    Sale of diamonds will fund further exploration activity.

·    Mining Permit application accepted for coveted portion of the contiguous Marsfontein farm.

Operations at Thorny River

Trenching by Botswana Diamonds has identified a ‘hotspot’ at Thorny River with a thick kimberlite intersection of four metres wide, suggesting a ‘kimberlite blow’.  256 carats of rough diamonds have already been recovered from re-commissioning the processing plant.  The bulk sampling programme will generate short-term cash flow, whilst building the mineral resource.  Our partner, SouthernEra Diamonds, have included their coarse tailings dumps generated from the mining of the Marsfontein and Klipspringer diamond mines into the same revenue sharing agreement. The Thorny River bulk sampling project is a joint venture between SouthernEra providing the processing (40%), Palaeo (40%), the mining contractor and Vutomi (20%) providing the ground.

Application for Marsfontein Mining Permit accepted

Vutomi’s application for a Section 27 Mining Permit over a portion of the Marsfontein farm has been accepted by the authorities.  Marsfontein is contiguous to, and an extension of, the Thorny River project.  This portion of the farm is host to the rich M8 kimberlite dyke, bordering the great Marsfontein diamond mine, in-situ gravels and dumps.

Source: Company Press Release