Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and Danish biogas technology provider, Lundsby Renewable Solutions A/S (Lundsby), have signed a contract for the design and construction of the remaining facility of Tønder Biogas, located in the municipality of Tønder in the Southern part of Jutland, Denmark.

CIP acquired Tønder Biogas in February 2023 from Canadian based Anaergia. The plant achieved first gas in November 2022 and will at full capacity be one of the largest biogas plants in Europe, converting approximately 900.000 tons of green sustainable feedstock – agricultural and industrial organic waste – into approximately 40m. Nm3 of renewable natural gas.

Tønder Biogas has been in operation since December 2022 and is currently approximately 25% finalised. Production will increase as the facility is expanded. Construction of the remaining part of the facility will begin over the Summer and completion is expected in 2025.

Thomas Dalsgaard, Partner at CIP says: “We are pleased to partner up with Lundsby, a Danish company with several years of experience in building biogas plants to complete Tønder Biogas. Together we look forward to progressing the project and work together with the municipality of Tønder, local farmers and suppliers. Tønder Biogas will create not only green energy and a significant contribution to the green transition, but also local jobs and investments.”

CEO of Lundsby, Niels Pedersen added: “We are excited to be responsible for finalising the design and construction works of what will become one of the of the largest biogas plants in Denmark and Europe. Our many years of experience from the biogas industry in combination with CIP’s entrepreneurial DNA and project management skills will ensure that Tønder Biogas will become a showpiece of tomorrows biogas facilities.”