The power plant project is being developed by China Resources Power Group’s wholly owned member China Resources Power Taizhou, in the Hongqiao Industrial Zone located around 100km from Nanjing.

Scheduled to be commissioned in 2019, the natural gas-fired combined cycle (GTCC) power plant will feature two double-train 80MW gas turbines, as well as steam turbines, generators and waste heat recovery boilers.

MHPS said in a statement: “Serving as a standalone power source in a local industrial zone, the new plant will supply power, steam for manufacturing processes, and cooled air for air-conditioning.”

MHPS secured the contract through Harbin Guanghan Gas Turbine (HGGT), a member of China Shipbuilding Industry Group.

Under the contract, MHPS will be responsible for the supply of gas turbines’ main and auxiliary machinery. It will also dispatch engineers to the site to perform installation and provide trial operations guidance.

The H-25 is a heavy-duty gas turbine designed to enhanced reliability, a strong track record, and a high level of operating hours.

The latest contract to MHPS marks its third order from China through HGGT, the firm noted.

Said to be the cleanest and most efficient method of fossil fuel power generation, the GTCC produces power by a gas turbine, and also by a steam turbine utilizing the high-temperature waste heat from the gas turbine.

The GTCC can reduce CO2 emissions by about 70% when compared to conventional coal-fired plants.

MHPS said it provides its customers with total solutions in thermal power generation supported by full range of products ranging from high-efficiency, large-capacity power generation systems to energy-saving systems for industrial applications employing small to medium-scale gas turbines.